So Sore

You would think having this time off would slow me down. That's not the case at all. As I write this I stop often to hold my necklace, I love it so much. It is quickly becoming my favorite piece of jewelry. I am ecstatic! Just might be able to go on a vacation as soon as next week. We'll see. A little over a week ago I bought Kinetic for my PS2. Turns out I have one, I just didn't keep up with all the technology. Since Sony came out with the new thin version, I thought I had a Playstation. I'm a nerd. So anyway, I got the game and it is the best. I've been keeping up with it and I'm sore all the time. I need to rearrange some furniture or something because the game can't see me in the combat zone. I was talking about it so much on Christmas, my brother and his family bought the game the next day. They called me huffing and puffing on speakerphone talking about how much they love it. I'm using the personal trainer mode with Anna as my trainer. So far, so good.

Awhile ago I was reading an article about getting rid of clutter for good. I'm pretty clean and semi-organized but piles of stuff always seem to creep up everywhere. Plus, my clothes have a hard time finding a hanger and then finding the closet. I know I'm not alone so I can share that here. I went to the library and checked out "The Clutter-Busting Handbook". It's great! So far I've organized out of control drawers in my study and decluttered my dining room table. Clothes are on hangers, old greeting cards have been discarded (some saved), etc. The book gets to the root of the clutter. Are you spending out of control? Buying things you don't need? Keeping gifts you don't use just because they were given to you? It's a quick read too.

Here's the link.

One more day and the work week will be over. The holidays just sped by.

Oh, and Dayment, congratulations!!!! I didn't even know you were expecting, very cool.