It's A NEW YEAR!!! Welcome 2006! The first day was spent with new friends, playing Sorry (do you know they have cards now? Instead of dice?? And the pieces and board are different!?), and reflecting.

I've been taking a huge break from knitting and it feels great. Nothing has jumped out to me and if it has, it's made more sense to buy the finished product than knitting it from scratch. I heard about Knitty Gritty a long time ago but I never set it up to record. I'm watching a show I recorded about two days ago and it's too cute. It's nice to see knitting somewhere other than a magazine or on the web. I miss knitting but not the headaches when I got frustrated and that started to happen often once I went to more advanced patterns. Plus, my little knitting community of friends has evaporated since my schedule got busy with school. Maybe something will grab my attention who knows.