Get It Together

I'm having a hard time getting my thoughts together and just tackling this paper once and for all. I have some information here and there and I'm at 1500 plus words so I'm getting there. I guess my biggest fear at this point is having it handed right back to me. That's happened to me once and I had to rewrite an entire paper. Pain in the butt. So I have read the syllabus probably 20 times making sure I stay on topic and don't stray. Correct amount of sources, you name it.

And then I get this sick grin on my face when I remember that this is my LAST paper. I get giddy. A devilish grin almost because I can't contain my joy at discovering my revelation. Then I remember the paper is not finished and the grin goes away. I sulk and get right back on track.

I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but someone keeps blowing it out. Running around in circles.

Good things did happen today. I didn't have to pay for parking because someone gave me their parking pass. I shared a delish pepperoni pizza with a friend so that we didn't have to eat from the scary floor wide potluck at work. Got tons of compliments on my green hat with a bow in the back. Pain in my back is slowly fading away. I'm finished with my business card and logo.

I think I can see the end of the tunnel again.