Get Out

Another entry already? I know. I'm annoyed. I'm sitting in lab for digital video art and there is someone in the class that shouldn't be here. I think the reason I'm so irritated is because I feel like art classes are tighter than other classes. We create art that means something to us and put it out there for the whole class to see. Everytime.

And this guy is one of the student's boyfriends. He just sits in here from time to time and interrupts the entire flow of the class. Right now he is searching google, goofing off with her, shaking his leg like he's coming down from something, and just plain getting on my nerves. The teacher does not let us surf or listen to music because it's distracting but this is more distracting than both of those combined. The teacher said something to him once but he just blew it off.

I can get away with surfing right now because this project takes 10 minutes at a time to render everytime I make a change.

Now there is fake whispering?