Flying High

The last day of November already. Time is kind of flying by. Isn't it strange how some areas of your life time is speeding but in others, it can't go fast enough? That's how I feel about my time at school, be over already. No more deadlines would be nice.

I talked to my social doc teacher yesterday and I'm all registered for next semester. I am going to be doing ANOTHER internship and ANOTHER social doc class. This time, instead of going to Taos, we will be going to Sante Fe. I pray my skills get better and I can stand up with the rest of the class just like this semester. After this, I will graduate. ALL DONE, finito! I also found out what photos I will have in the exhibit on the American West from Dec. 12 - Jan. 29. I am getting so excited!! I have always dreamed to have my work displayed in an art gallery and it's happening. As soon as next month!! I'll show you the pictures that will be displayed later.

My back is killing me because I slept wrong Sunday night. Hips to the mattress, like sleeping on my stomach and the rest of my upper body laying on my right. So my back was twisted all night. Still in pain, I really torked it. Advil has been my friend for the past two days, today will make three.

Now back to life, a research paper (1234 words now, hehe), and assignments upon assignments.


update - I updated with a photograph that will be at the exhibit! Golden light.