I still don't have all of my frustration sorted out but I took some time away from the computer so I feel a little better. Today was Friday and payday so I hung out with friends, went to the mall, and found some things. Along with techie things I love accessories. Accessories as in jewlery and accessories as in housewares.

Here they are. Sooo cute. Not sure why the pictures I take inside have a yellow cast to them, the brighter I go on the camera settings, the faker they look. Or maybe I'm just critical and sleepy. ;)

rainbow flip flop photo holder - reminds me of the 80s when everyone was wearing rainbow flip flops

china girl photo holder - just too cute and dainty in her pink kimono

wooden carved goldfish - the colors and the carving are just beautiful. his bottom lip poking out is a bonus. Only $4.99!

wooden wavy tealight holder - i liked the design and i have a ton of tea lights that need a holder to be displayed in - only $4.99!

I wish there was an Ikea in Colorado so I could buy a bookcase from the actual store for my study. I love this and this.

Have a great weekend! I plan on watching Troy, working on this site (starts writing email to Trisha), watching the Roy Jones fight, go to church, and enjoy a weekend that doesn't involve working on a school project!!