Brad a.k.a. Greek God

The drawing above is my second try at inking with a nib (click to enlarge). It's harder than I thought but it's fun to learn something new. I can't believe the weekend is almost over. It went by way too quickly. I did get to see Troy and I liked it. It was a little slow to develop but overall it was great. I had remembered most of the epic story but I purposely didn't refresh my memory so I'd be suprised and I was. Brad Pitt was hard to believe as a Greek warrior. The performance was almost exactly like his performance in Legends of the Fall when he played Tristan. There were still a lot of cuties (hello Orlando Bloom), fights, love, etc. Now I can't wait to see Shrek 2!!

Later that night I watched the Roy Jones fight with friends. We all thought Roy would win, either by knockout or by score. I couldn't believe it when he went down and lost in the second round. I guess you never know.

Man, I really don't want to go to work tomorrow.

edit! - 8:45pm - There's a show on A&E about the epic of Helen of Troy and I didn't know Hector was played by Eric Bana! The same guy from The Hulk! That movie was alright but Hector's fine. Man, Eric Bana, didn't even realize with that facial hair. ;)