Pulling Out Hairs

I'm having another one of those why-do-I-have-a-website-again? moments. I'm trying to think of a page that kind of matches what I have already so I can put my new artwork there. And then I think, should I change up my artwork part since I'm doing something new? And then I think, maybe I should just re-do the whole thing since you're doing so much work anyway. And then I want to cry. Because even though I've had sites for a minute, I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. I think about titles and using fonts and it makes me want to sign up for a written type class. Same thing with CSS and HTML. I don't know how you web designers do it. It can't be all that difficult or every other person in the world wouldn't have a site. Aaahhhh! I hate this feeling. Plus, it's really starting to bug me that the fonts on this page and the other pages are different. I have no clue how to fix it.

In response to the last post:

cpr - this forum explains the error better than I can. Some say its cause is from dirty lenses, incompatible lenses, etc.

dayment - Of course I'll let ya know! Won't leave you hanging :)