Techno Geek

I love gadgets. If I see something that claims to be new and improved and can possibly cut down the time of doing something in half, I'm interested. Not so much into infomercials, but other things. A few months ago I bought a Lysol spray and wash toilet bowl cleaner that sprayed this blue miracle foam. It worked once and broke so I returned it which was pretty embarassing since it was something used to clean the toilet. I had it carefully wrapped in plastic bags and everything, ugh. So now I'm much more cautious about what gadgets I purchase. When I was in Home Depot buying tiles for a project I noticed the new Mr. Clean Auto Dry Car Wash. I'm waiting for my coupons in the mail as I type this :) You can sign up to get two $5 off coupons too. I told my mom and she rolled her eyes. So skeptical of these glorious new gadgets ;)

My friend let me flip through her Lucky magazine (I need a subscription!) and I came across the Lomo Action Sampler Camera. I want (milky is my preference)! Check out the animation preview. I keep hearing people talk about lomos but I've never seen one or used one. So now I'm coveting this. It's much cheaper than the Digital Rebel, hehe. A sales rep at Best Buy said they're being recalled right now because of the 99 Error. Once they get the issue fixed with the Digital Rebel, I'll definitely be getting one.

Can't wait!!

P.S. The chammy movie made me chuckle.