Do A Little Dance

Guess who doesn't have to go straight to school right after work for the next three months? Guess guess!! Yup, it's me! I am SO excited and proud of myself for finishing and finishing on top. I ended up getting a 95/100 on my four seasons book and a 25/25 on my extra credit piece!! The final was yesterday and I didn't find it to be too difficult because I studied my butt off.

I haven't had any guests over at my house lately because it was such a disaster area. Books of imagery, project description papers everywhere, supplies everywhere, etc. So today I'm cleaning up and tomorrow I'm having my mom over so she'll be able to see all of the projects I've completed this semester. It's going to be a mini gallery showing :) Now that I have time I want to do something with this site that can showcase my new works. I pushed myself this semester and I'm beaming. It's satisfying to find out you're capable of more than you thought you were. I was talking to a friend at work and he said that if someone had gone into the future and showed me the final projects I would complete, I would have dropped both of the courses.

He's probably right. :)

I'm going to ride around after work and stop by La Ti Da (yarn, knitting, and more) and Meiningers (the search for a better inking brush continues). I'm still itching so I'm going to check out Rite-Aid, this may be a heat rash. Thanks guys :)