Eat Fresh

Jared has me eating Subway. Commercials work on me, I am part of their key audience. Thank God I don’t have money to blow on a Ford truck, or I would. I’m still trying to maintain but my eating habits are pretty bad. They basically suck. I eat out all the time and most of the time it’s restaurants. I used to think restaurants were head and shoulders above places like McDonalds and Taco Bell but I don’t think that’s the case anymore. What they lack in quality food, restaurants do even worse with portion size.

So I’m trying to be healthy again and I’ve been good for the past two weeks. Eating one piece of fruit a day, cutting down to one yogurt instead of two at a time, and only eating badly on the weekend. Which means pizza and fast food. The other days are Lean Cuisines, fruit, yogurt, and Special K.

Sushi’s not so bad for you either, just steer clear of too much tempura.

Someone keeps sniffing and it's creeping me out. Got to get out of this lab.