Creativity - The Bully

Another weekend ending much too quickly. My body is sore from wrestling with creative ideas. Literally. I have been racking my brain all weekend to the point where I was actually drug out of the house to go out to eat and see a movie. Felt much better after that too. The hardest part about my classes is that it isn't math or history, with these classes the concept is an integral part. I feel you can't go wrong with a strong concept. But that also means you are thinking so much more than actually doing. Headaches were on the verge all weekend. Got a lot done though, my place no longer looks like a victim of a whirlwind. Things are in place AND thanks to Mission Organization, I bought two wooden baskets to put my make up in and my cleanser/moisturizer stuff. No more stuff on the counter! At 28, I'm growing up little by little. ha!

Yay, just checked Basic Multimedia Production and all As so far! Come on Dec. 17!!!!

**** p.s. - I didn't forget to turn my clock back this year like I did last year.

Did you?