Class let out early and I should be out of this lab already but I'm excited about my next video piece.

We were tasked with putting together a piece about our culture, American or Western. So you needed to communicate something about the culture that gets on your nerves. My topic was going to be female body image but that has been done so many times and I wanted to do something else. Not being able to film the emaciated mannequins in Victoria Secret pushed me in another direction as well.

So now my topic is female body hair and how society puts pressure on females to get rid of it. Mainly with waxing bikini lines, lasering of mustaches, and shaving of legs. I'm shooting the footage and everything is coming together. Part of my piece is going to have Frida Kahlo because she represented hard with her unibrow and mustache. Checking out Penelope's halloween costume started me on this track, so thanks Penelope!

While researching my topic, I found some interesting sites on the subject:

medhunters tripod site the fword freeze13hair

I soon found out I shared the same stories as other women about how and when I started shaving. Where I got the message that hair was unladylike, etc. I snuck my dad's razor until I got caught, used an electric razor for awhile, and eventually ramped up to blades.

How did you start shaving and what prompted it?

Since I'm doing a piece with Frida in it, I had to draw her. I had a ton of free time while my footage of eating a mud pie took an hour to render in Final Cut Pro. Frida is fun to draw.