Golden Bird Print

golden bird Now available in my etsy shop!

I had a scare today, thought I lost my sketchbook at the gym.  Thank God my friend saw it and has it, can pick it up tomorrow.  That was a close one!!

I am working on watercolors lately, nice break from the alphabet project.  Trying to decide which technique I like more, for now I am getting a handle more on wet paint on dry paper instead of wet into wet.  Baby steps.

Watercolor Artists I Follow:

Charles Reid but his work/style seems so unobtainable for now.

Tiffanny Varga - beautiful work and she is so nice to share her tutorials/painting online.

Anna Emilia - she is so delicate and unsaturated.  love.

Gennine - she also shows video of her painting as going over her tools and such.

Golly Bard - love her birds and the way she sees nature.

I have lots to learn.  Thanks for your comments though, I love them!