21 Weeks

21 weeks 21 weeks

Had plenty of time to grab the light today so I took some progress shots.  Will never get over having a bathroom with natural light. This house gets much more light than the condo, I can see much more picture taking in my future.  Everything has been going smoothly for the most part.  Can feel this little baby girl kicking around more and I'm in awe. It feels like I felt pregnant overnight, rolling out of bed, needing help out of chairs, etc.

My brain has been swimming lately with all of the things on our to do list but I actually made a physical list so that is helping me calm down a bit.  I keep waking up at least twice during the night, just wide awake.  My friends tell me that is my body getting ready to wake up with the baby but it it is so early!!  Just barely reached the halfway point.

I'm just going with the flow, that's all you can do right?  As you can see I've been busy painting too and I updated the shop with two new prints.

Have a great weekend!