Cherry Creek Arts Festival

I've started redecorating a bit in my house and there's nothing like redecorating with your own art. Sprinkled in this entry are some shots I took at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival over on the Fourth of July. It was so hot but I got some shots I'm happy with.


These four turned into black and white 4"x6" photos in my home. Feels good to have your own art around. Makes your home more personal and comfortable.

Watched Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind again yesterday. I absolutely adore that movie and I'm listening to the soundtrack while I type this. It was just well done, unique, and beautiful. Must add that to my dvd library once I have more loot. It's on On Demand right now so I will be watching it a lot before it disappears.


In less than a month I'll be in D.C. visiting for the first time. Seems unreal! I haven't flown on a plane in almost two years.

Now back to sewing.


**** Where to begin on the thank yous. My niece thanks you for all of her sweet compliments and I thank you for my sweet comments. Thanks Kendall for the jewelry idea! Keep em coming. I just picked up some gorgeous beads yesterday. Now where will they go? :)