Flippity Flop

Guess who got flip flops? I'm sure everyone else on the planet has some flip flops but I finally found mine. And they have retro colors plus arches! I love, I love.

This weekend was so hot that I just wanted to lay around the house and eat. I did some embroidering and below is one of the onesies I made for the show. If you are interested in getting onesies for you or a friend, let me know. This is size three to six months.



Right now there is fabric all over my living room floor and coffee table. Must finish sewing so I can see the carpet again. I saw Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. One word. Retarded. But it passed the time while I brainstormed about patterns and other ideas. When The Piano first came out, I watched it over and over. Now it's on cable and I watched it again while introducing someone else to the movie for the first time. It's phenomenal and I still love it.

Lately I haven't been all smiles because work is getting hectic and this summer break is long. It's been so long that I was starting to lose focus on what I want to do for the rest of my life because I haven't been active in school. At least while I'm at school, no matter how stressful, I feel like I'm working towards my goals and it's not for nothing. But rather than enjoy this break to the fullest I have had my down moments. Plus, I turn 28 next month...(wow, less than a month)... and it's bringing other feelings too. It's all in the way you look at things I guess. It's either "two years until the BIG 3-0 and I don't have this or this like I thought I would", or it's "I'm still in my twenties, time to live it up, I'm young and in control of what I want and love".

Or maybe it's like everything else.

A little bit of both.

**** Before I forget again: Wig Out game - was bought at Target I created the last few Illustration Friday illustrations in Adobe Illustrator CS