Sew Simple

I am exhausted, tired, etc. Today was SCORCHING and work is getting harder and tougher by the day but I'm trying to hang in there. It's not easy. The highlight of my day was going to a De/Reconstruction workshop. It was put on by Pod, a fashion extravaganza store downtown, and they taught you how to change so so clothing items you still own or find at thrift stores into wonderful and funky new threads with some scissors and some sewing. So inspiring!

I have never been around so many creative women sewing, cutting, and scribbling. Now I have a completely new perspective on the whole sewing thing. I would sew right now but I'm too sleepy. I did make a princess skirt that got some ooos and aahs. I learned so much and one common trait among all of the women was not using patterns. They just go for it. No measuring, nada. Find an item you love and that's your pattern for the item you want to make.

I am going to be in the fall fashion event so I needed some inspiration. If there's anything that recently made you say, "I wish I had something to hold my ______ in". While you were packing, moving, going on a little adventure, let me know. That could get some creative juices flowing as well.

Thanks to Brandi for writing a little blip on her site and peaking my interest. Web journals do have their advantages at times.