This weekend was SO much fun. Completely made up for last weekend. I went out bowling at this new bowling alley and I think I scored my highest game. Two games had me at 230! Looking at the arrows helps, haha. Plus, this place is non smoking and cosmic bowling starts at 10 instead of midnight so it was all good. I want to go again real soon, get my game up :)

One of the best things about summer is eating food right off the grill and the yummiest cheeseburgers were consumed before bowling so that was even better.

In the heat I journeyed over to another fabric store and dove into the fabric you see above. The fabric will be morphed into rolls soon. The fabrics are: bright colored dots, light pink, vertical stripes in blue, green, brown, and red, random letters, black dots on white, and chocolate brown. Lots of sewing to be done since I'm trying to get everything made for the fall fashion event in advance. Some will be sold here too so just let me know if you're interested.


Above is the completed purple booties that I won't make again. One turned out really nice but the other was all wonky. Not as cute as I hoped. The white hat will be gorgeous on my new niece/nephew. Another roll completed.


Oh how I wish I had someone the likes of Rabbit or Froggy to help me seam this baby sweater together. Maybe they can just pin it together and put it on him/her. ;) Seaming scares me worse than the boogie man.


I still think I'm going to rip back the cables and start over since I didn't do the every other decrease thing. I haven't touched it lately and I need to work on it again before I never want to touch it again. It's turning out great and I love Rowan Cork. Not sure why they are discontinuing it, it's great yarn.

Going to see the dentist was a part of this weekend too and my gums are better. Flossing does work after all. My hygenist wants family photos taken so now I need to research what other photographers are charging. Pricing art and creativity is difficult. Doesn't get easier but getting work is great!

**** everyone - Thanks for the feedback about the black and white illo. I miss the new topic being posted on Mondays because when you actually get something in by Friday, it's ripped down and a new topic is posted. But maybe it's just me.

isay - I believe the races are asian, caucasian, and black. Not sure of the specifics because they were drawn from photographs that I can't even find at the moment.

amy - Right now I just wanted a printer to print my photographs so I could avoid someone else looking at them and cut out the trip of going to get them developed. The printer I got is WONDERFUL. I'm sure it will print art just as beautifully. I haven't tested art on it yet but I will soon! (And the person with the scarf is a man, I suck. Well it is hard to tell since he has a girl cut, one of those flippy long styles.)

kendall - You are very lucky, this last cold/flu/plague was the worst. ugh.