Black and White

I'm all better! I don't know what all this sickly stuff is supposed to teach me. Maybe to cherish my health and it's working. No more colds! I'm not even riding the light rail and I keep getting sick. No more. Thanks for the well wishes :)

Above is my entry for "black and white". Many ideas ran to my head and I just decided to go with drawings from my moleskin I did back in November of last year. Experimenting with different races and trying to stretch in the way I draw people/expressions. All tweaking beyond the scanning is new.

That sickness kicked my butt so well that I couldn't even go to see my dad on Father's Day. So tomorrow is Friday and I'll see him with gift in hand.

While I've been recovering I have been: watching Life Aquatic twice (love that movie, must buy and draw characters!), getting my hair done, drawing, shopping, resting, and buying a Canon IP4000 printer (the prints are crystal clear). I need to get back to knitting and sewing soon.

What have you been up to?

**** "Well thanks a lot. Thanks for not picking me." - Klaus Daimler from Life Aquatic