Under the Weather

I'm still sickly. I have absolutely no appetite and I think I've lost three pounds. On Saturday I went to T.G.I.Fridays and my throat was closing up everytime I talked. So I had to write on napkins to carry a conversation. Got home and laid down but couldn't get up. Nothing sounded good. On Sunday I spent the whole day in bed and couldn't see my dad for Father's day. Throughout the day I had tea, water, gatorade, an eggo, a chicken leg, and some corn. Later on I felt even worse and the room was spinning so I just held onto my bed and eventually fell asleep. Yesterday I made it in to work. All I could eat was chicken noodle soup for lunch and an orange for dinner with water in between. I made a beeline for home and slept for five hours. Woke up to watch Six Feet Under and went back to bed.

Still no appetite and every smell is intense. I'm praying for this madness to leave my body.

**** Happy Summer Solstice. Check out Chipolte.

The Lamisil commercials with the nasty beings that climb under your toenail and do disgusting things to you is too gross! Bleh!