Sick and Splash

On Thursday I had the worst headache in the world. One of those lingering aches and it lasted for four to five hours. I finally just went to bed. Then on Friday I woke up to the beginnings of a sore throat and I still feel achy and odd. I have been drawing like crazy and it feels great. I have been looking for a photo printer so yesterday I bought a HP 8450. The prints from it were not excellent like the print samples and prints on the box so it went back. (Any suggestions for stellar home printers are appreciated.)


These past few days have been blazing hot. Ninety degrees today! Even though I wasn't feeling great, I went to Brandi's summer fashion event, Splash. I've been a part of the past two, Snow and Bloom, but this time around I had to sit on the sidelines. Knitted items in the heat aren't a big sell. So I went with my camera in tow to see the event. It gets better every time and everyone has awesome style and skills. Too bad I was broke or I would have gone a little shopping spree. When I was messing around with the new printer, my laptop stopped charging. Tried different outlets and no light would come on, no charging either. So after I stuck around for the first fashion show at Splash, I headed to the Apple store. Brandi likes to twirl in her skirts just like me. The photography section has been updated.


On the way there I flagged down a guy walking his ice cream cart downtown. So tempting and I couldn't resist. I'm glad I did because I got to eat the BEST pina colada ice cream bar in the world. So yummy and took away some of the pain in my throat.

Long story short, I went to Apple and the charger magically worked when they plugged it in. I talked them into exchanging my charger and hopefully this will not be an issue again. So now I sit with my laptop on my lap, charging away. I'm about to watch Pieces of April on cable, sew, draw, and knit. I read the directions wrong on Martha and didn't decrease every sixth row on the cables. The lady at the shop said I can just keep going and decrease the correct way from now on but I want to rip it. Because I have a need to have a perfect sweater. Or as close to perfect as I can get. Plus, that purl stitch that was supposed to be knit would be ripped out as well.