I smell like bleach and Comet which means the house is clean. All spic and span except for the occassional little pile of misc. stuff that has no home just yet. Oh and vacuuming must be done too but I'm done for the day.

I was thinking of some new ideas for rolls and guess what popped into my head? Embroidery! I saw Sublime Stitching's site a long time ago and finally really checked it out. So above is my first try at a free form red fish and a free form leaf. I'm on my way.

One of the things I love most about having a site is connecting. Connecting to people I otherwise wouldn't for whatever reason. They live across the country, they live around the block but we'd never run into each other, or we don't even speak the same language and all of the above. So I was happy to see I was linked at estanbul and ecritures. Very very cool.

Hope you had a great Tuesday! Now I have to try and wash the bleach off.

**** Question for people using Illustrator. What colors are you using? Pantone? Other? I'm just wondering because everyone else's colors seem to pop and I can't quite get there.