A little bit of catch-up.

herbs george I hope you had a great 4th of July!  We had to chase down a fireworks show since there were severe thunderstorms going on but we did see fireworks so I'm glad.  Before the show we went to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival with my brother-in-law Gilberto and mother-in-law Olga.  I am all better too and very happy about it.  That cold kicked my butt.

I've been up to things and I can never manage to type it here but this time I am determined.  So we don't have a yard yet because we don't have a house.  That isn't stopping me from growing in my love for gardening though.  My parents are the biggest green thumbs I know and I think a little bit is finally rubbing off on me.  George, our red geranium we got last year, wasn't blooming.  The pot he was in with drainage got a little moldy so I tossed it and put it in a gorgeous new pot without drainage.  This was a big no no because he didn't want to bloom after that.  But after I plopped him in a new pot with drainage and some drops of African Violet fertilizer in his water, he is a new man.  The cutest red flowers are popping up now!  I also found some herb seeds at Target for a dollar each so I am growing cilantro, lemon basil and parsley.  Another trip to Target and I found some wild flower seeds so I planted those in a pot but those will take months.  We'll see how it goes.

Lastly, Raul and I have started going on bike rides again.  I live for summer!  So going on a ride at least once a week has been great.  We both missed it.

Now I'm just geeking out: backing up the blog, website, working on items for the store, etc.

Back to work...