Jurassic Park flowers.

This is clematis from my parent's backyard.  Gorgeous flowers, I call them Jurassic Park flowers since they are so huge.  They just look like something from prehistoric times and this is the most they have bloomed in three years.  A couple more pics are on flickr, just click the image.  The wildflowers I planted haven't sprouted  at all and I had been wanting to try a seed bomb packet from Anthropologie.  My mom and I bought some yesterday and I already planted mine.  The sales associate said she has heard nothing but good things and they sprout rather quickly.  So we should still have time!  Come on wildflowers, bloom, bloom!

Summer and spring are two of my favorite seasons.  I've been putting a real effort into getting more active and fit since March and I can see results.  Now that the weather is even better, Raul and I have been going on long bike rides at least once a week.  Today we went and rode 18.8 miles, all the way around Cherry Creek Reservoir.  We went early so it wasn't too hot and we even saw a deer.  The first time we went this year we saw a rattlesnake.  *gulp*