First off, you guys are the bomb. Seriously, you are a big part of why I have this site. Thank you for sharing yourself with me. I don't feel so alone. :) Last night my friend's boyfriend came over to hook up my dvd player, ps2, etc. When I had my digital video recording system set up, the tech had to unplug my dvd since I only had one hook up for the red, white, and yellow cords. So he came over and set everything up!! Now I can watch the Incredibles on my tv instead of on my laptop. That goes for Aladdin too. I'm Disney/Pixar crazy. Plus, I can watch my silk-screening dvd!!! Silk-screening here I come.

I finally found a storage box ottoman thing at Wal-Mart. Like this but not $100 or more. Now I need to find more storage for my office so I don't have piles of paperwork everywhere. I want to make a lot of changes in my place. One of those changes is putting down tile in my bathrooms and a backsplash in the kitchen. Creamy white travertine. I could dream about it all day.

Since it's still freezing outside (I nearly fell over this morning because everything is coated in ice), I am making voodoo wrist warmers. I was making them with double pointed needles and that was driving me insane. I love knitting in the round but on dpns? Eh, no thanks. The weather was getting a little nasty so I couldn't go all the way to my favorite yarn store, La Ti Da, to get size 5 circulars. I had a bad experience at Knitty Cat when the woman wouldn't show me what picking up stitches meant since I had not bought my yarn at her store. Lame. I was two seconds from becoming a paying customer but that response was horrible. So from that point on I just don't want to go there. Yesterday I was desperate so I went in there one more time. They do have different things like R2 and Adrienne yarn that I haven't seen anywhere else. But their prices are crazy. I went straight to the needles, found my size, and was shocked to see it cost $13.50! Uh no, so I left and started calling other places. Another store had them for $5.95. The needles at both places were the same and metal. Now I have my needles and I can keep working on my voodoo so I can start shooting pictures in the freezing cold. Woo hooo :)

Worked out doing the circuit for the first time yesterday. It was fun jumping on the treadmill for one minute, then jumping on a machine for a minute and pumping iron, jumping back on the treadmill, etc. for an hour. I need less interaction from the trainer and we'll have a talk soon. But other than that, it was awesome. I can feel my muscles getting stronger and that's the whole point.

P.S. I miss Illustration Friday. Maybe I'll contribute tonight. You'll have to wait and see.