Happy Easter

The day is almost over but I had some time to say hey and wish you a Happy Easter. I hope you had a great holiday. He is the reason for the season.

This weekend was fun and I got so many things done. I hung out with Ayanna and we tried to compare prices at the new 24 Hour Fitness. After waiting for a half hour with her two kids for a consultant to give us the prices, we left. The customer service was horrible. But another friend of mine is moving into a new apartment with a gym so after this month I'll be doing my own circuit.

Saturday was Ayanna's birthday (Happy 25th!) and I went to her party. My gift to her was a green cable wristband, Margarita body scrub from Bath and Body Works, and a small rose Hallmark Signature candle. She was happy with all her gifts but she danced around when she saw the body scrub. It was cool to eat birthday cupcakes with strawberries on top, eat homemade Thai food, watch Without a Paddle, and just chill. I almost lost my finger to Ayanna's African Grey, Kunta. That bird bites hard! No head rub for him.

Today was all about Easter. It was beautiful today and I got a glimpse of some real spring weather. My mom made a delicious Easter dinner. Today was a blessing.

Spring break is over, time to get back into school. I missed out on getting a Cadbury Creme Egg though. I doubt I'll be able to get one tomorrow.

Time to go pack my gym bag and get ready for the work week, a mean Monday workout, and school.

How was your Easter?