Operation Clean Up. I talk about it a ton but I can't help it.  I have been overhauling this condo for awhile now but I'm finally seeing some real progress.

Not the, oh-this-can-be-stuffed-in-the-closet-too type progress but real I-could-show-our-house-in-an-open-house type progress.  See the thing is, I have been in the same home for a little over 10 years and have gone through the just-moved-out stage to the going-to-college stage to married-and-no-longer-living-by myself stage.  I have improved immensely with my organization and it is starting to show.

(This is turning into a hyphen-saturated post, my apologies).

This past week I did a complete closet makeover which resulted in a big whopping $18.55 from Plato's Closet and the rest went to Goodwill.  I have had a wall unit/media center probably since 1990, so that housed a lot of books, magazines and a standard non-flat-screen TV.  So when Raul and I decided we were going to get our dream flat-screen TV and realized our tastes had changed (he had a huge TV/media center monstrosity in his condo too and got rid of it when we got married), we had to find room for this extra stuff.  I would keep going through magazines and gutting them for different categories: inspiration, recipes and workouts.  Although I got rid of magazines, this pile of the good stuff was still a back-burner project.  I got binders and sheet protectors and I'm loving the results.  Magazine butlers were needed for my Anthropologie and J.Crew catalogs that I consider art magazines.  They also house a select few Martha Stewart Living magazines since that magazine isn't standard size.  The pages won't fit in sheet protectors.

Operation Clean Up has been a big project but I'm seeing the finish line and I am excited.  I figure extra stuff = extra boxes = extra money when the time comes to move in the future.  Just planning, we don't have anything lined up but hopefully in the near future we will.  Thank God for my parents that have a little area in their basement for some of our stuff, but mostly we have purged quite a bit.

I just had to share because it feels good and friends encouraged me with their clutter clean-up stories too.

P.S. I hope you had a great Valentine's Day full of love or just hanging out.  When I was looking for a card for Raul I saw a card for best girlfriends' night in.  Pretty sweet.