Chiustreams and Manly Design.

big mouth

There was a Chiustream/Sketchoholic contest about three hours ago and although the stream ended an hour and a half ago, I couldn't stop working.  The topic was "Big Mouth" which was nice because it was a little broader topic than usual.  The topics are usually "dodo or rabbit, etc", they are more concrete.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to submit a complete piece for the contests there.  Scratch that, I know I will someday.  I already worked so much faster and looser on this piece, lots of progress.  Check out more entries!

I love anything that pampers so I love loofah sponges.  The plastic kind but they seem to always fall apart.  My husband is anti-loofah, just like a lot of other guys I think are as well.    When we were at Walgreens yesterday I saw the Dove Men+Care line and they have this manly version of a loofah that I want.   It's called the Active Clean Dual-Sided Shower Tool (hehe, love the name) and I think it is the coolest thing.  Of course just because it says "men" on it doesn't mean I won't be buying one.  Way to make a loofah masculine Dove!  I dig it.

Raul still isn't going for it though.  Ah well.  Oh, have you seen this Old Spice commercial?  It cracks me up.  Look at your man.  Now back at me.

Have a great weekend!