All Better

Pretty much. My voice is back and I don't feel all achy. I LOVE drugs. So so nice. ;)


Yesterday was the second Arise event at church. I'm excited to see where this group goes because there isn't a real niche for twentysomethings. So far I like how it's developing. It's just nice to have another outlet for meeting people who are around my age. Work is all right, school is okay, but when you're busy busy it gets a little tough to make connections. This time Ted DiBiase came to speak. He used to be The Million Dollar Man in the wrestling world. He mainly spoke about keeping your priorities straight or you could lose everything you have that means more than material possessions. I'm glad I got my sickly butt up and went.

Today my doctor and the entire practice are letting western medicine meet eastern. So I met my mom at a country club (never been, very nice) and sat through the day long seminar. The highlight was getting a sample of an Auryvedic massage! It is so exciting to have healthcare seen from the perspective of mind, body, and spirit being intertwined. Not just giving an explanation of what is ailing you and getting drugs but actually finding out what your life is like and what is the root of the toxins. This was educational because I'm starting to notice a trend of getting smacked with a big cold once a semester. This has got to stop so I'm taking echinacea and milk thistle to help me recover even faster.

After I was all edumacated on some eastern medicine, it was time to do some light shopping. I have oily lids so it's hard for me to make my eyeshadow last throughout the day. I bought Laura Mercier's eye primer and it did not work. It had to go back so instead I bought some lip glosses I love by Prescriptive in Mulberry and Punch.


I've started cooking again and noticed I was missing something. For the past few weeks I have been on a mission for a manual juicer. Did you know this is a HARD item to find? I just wanted the normal juicer with the point in the middle and the little spout on the side. Apparently this is old school and it made me finally buy something from Williams-Sonoma. My juicer is so beautiful and I'm glad that mission #205 is complete.

As for Bloom, it's on March 19 and I need to bust out some merchandise. I have a burning desire to sew and I got some batting from my mom so we'll see what magic happens.

Oh yea, and the first pictures are of me having fun with my camera. I do love it so!