Never Been Friends

Oprah and I have never been friends.

Ever since she raved on and on about her movie, Beloved, I've never quite looked at her the same. That movie was so horrible, ugh, I just wish I had walked out.

So when she gave her newest movie, Their Eyes Were Watching God, a gold star I was uneasy. I'm watching the movie right now and it's no where near as bad as Beloved was. I still think Halle is okay but the real reason I watched was to see Michael Ealy.

When I was in New York in 2003 to see the premiere of Barbershop, that was the first time I saw him. Afterward I took pictures with some of the cast and crew and the above picture is the picture of him and me.

Such a cutie, his eyes are beautiful, and he's growing as an actor. Can't wait to see where his career takes him.

In other news, I did sew and it was a disaster. The good news is I can only go up from here. The purple fabric is linen and it kept fraying. I keep checking out the Month of Softies over at Loobylu and I'm envious. I want to make cute little stuffed people and creatures. I did go to the library and get some doll making books so I should be improving soon.

Now I present to you, Franken-Bunny.


Pretty bad, back to the drawing board.