Drugs are Good

This week has been a week from hell. This is the first time I won't be able to participate in Illustration Friday. The word, "jazz", isn't giving me anything. I may have one, but at this time I'm pretty pooped. I didn't realize how much it would make me sad not to participate.

I finally have my hands on some drugs. Going to the doctor was a great thing. I was able to find out that I don't have strep or the flu. He just called it "the crud" and I'm on drugs plus milk thistle and echinacea so that's helping.

Now I get to spend some time to relax. The DVR I got awhile ago has been great. I haven't been so happy about an upgrade since I gave up my dial up. Lost and C.S.I. are getting SO good. I am officially hooked.

Right now I am loving: Getting paid Having a good review at work Getting closer to the Bloom event My two new scarves I made Get well wishes Brownies Orders Meeting awesome chicas (Brandi) that inspire me all the time


I want to go shopping at the Gap. I'll just draw it for now. :)