Baby Hats

Woo hoo! First 19 comments, now 10! I'm all happy up in here. I'm going to keep pushing my art. So much fun. My doctor wanted me to get a physical so I did. I was scheduled for Friday and since my knee has been acting weird since I've been going to my chiropractor (sounds like I'm falling apart doesn't it?! I'm not though), he didn't feel right about me doing a complete physical. When I came in on Saturday to get my blood drawn and finish the other stuff (stress tests, my first EKG, etc) I ended up doing all of the physical stuff anyway. Wasn't so bad, but when it came to drawing blood the nurse said I "rolled on her twice". Whatever that means.

Now when it comes to needles, I am the BIGGEST wuss! My heart starts beating rapidly, palms get sweaty, and I can't look at any of the "stuff". So when I got pricked on both arms and nothing happened, I was disappointed and upset. Long story short, I drank plenty of water and went in again today. The blood has been drawn, all is well. I'm pretty sure my results will be the same as they were in 2003 and I will again be told that I need to eat better and exercise more. I am trying to do both everyday.

Here are pics of the hats. The fifth hat is a one I-cord version of Starbaby II and it's not pictured. These are all new creations.





The names for now are Blue Squiggles, Pink Squiggles, Duncan, and Cable Car.