Heart Knitting

My love for knitting is not going away. I can tell because whenever I just drop by my favorite yarn store, I almost always gasp along with oohing and aahing over the newest yarn they have and what they make with it. I swear if they didn't have examples of how some of the yarn can be used, I would be all right. But they go and make something delicious and make me want yarn I wouldn't ever think of getting otherwise. Yesterday it was Polar. Rowan Polar. I've seen it over and over but this time they had a seed stitch scarf out of it. So soft. So pretty. So cute. Must have some Polar. But for now I will just rip my Manos and make a thick seed stitch scarf instead.

Mmm, Polar.

I wish someone sold the Rebecca magazine out here too. Next to Rowan, it's the only "hip" magazine that has a lot of patterns I would actually make and wear. :::daydreaming:::