I'm jealous of birds with their wings and ability to soar above us. Lucky ducks. I feel like they're sticking their tongues out at us since they can fly and we can't. So envious of their beautiful wings.

This week has been nuts. I did yoga for the first time with a trainer instead of just a dvd, sold another hat, sold a wristband, hung out with friends, watched a movie that almost made me cry, and made more baby hats so now I'm up to five. Now I just finished my illustration (Nuray-Tulipland, you are sweet :)).

The movie I saw was The Notebook and it was TOO much. So lovey dubey and romantic. Sad too. But the lead, Ryan Gosling, from Remember the Titans, was very underestimated by me. That boy is fine and he has a much larger acting range than I thought. Yum.

I'm tired but I have to get groceries, clean, all the normal adult responsible stuff that you can't get done during the week.

Ugh, I just want to rest. I'll take pics of the baby hats and post those soon. Stay tuned. Now to see the 200+ entries for Illustration Friday. The community is enormous now. It's awesome!

One more thing, if you live in New York and have access to Central Park, I am jealous of you TOO! I wish I could see The Gates in person. I've loved Christo and Jeanne-Claude ever since I read about the Running Fence. *sigh*


Couldn't make it through all of the submissions, but these are some of my favorites.

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