Someone made my Valentine's Day a lot sweeter with chocolates, a card, and a very soft stuffed animal so I won't go into my V-Day speech. But I'm not a big fan. Cliche, everyone doing the same thing, yadda yadda. I'm a lover of love all year 'round, not "shapin' up" for one day.

It was fun making my anti-valentine's day guy. He's so angry but still cute to me.

You guys made my cheeks sore. Too much grinning over my rooster illo. That was awesome! So thank you :) Speaking of Illustration Friday, I'm sneaky. So sneaky that I got to be the second to last person on the list so I can see a whole bunch of advice in those journals. I'm excited to see what has stuck in the minds of people all over the world as wonderful advice. Should be interesting.

Other than that, I'm knitting merchandise for the fashion event next month. Next month! Can you believe it? I can't. Need to get busy!

I'll post pictures of the new hats later. I made my first cable today!! Not so hard at all. And for those of you that remember my fishie sweater...I'm going to have to frog it. It sheds like crazy and drives me nuts.


I had no idea the link wasn't working correctly for the wristbands. All is fixed now so if you tried to order before, go click on the piggy and try again. Sorry about that!