Year of the Rooster

edit - I posted it at the Flight Forums and got some feedback, here it is again. Made a teeny change but I like it much more now.




You know I love you right? I learned something new and pushed my illustration just for ya. Well, for me too. If it wasn't for Illustration Friday, I would have never drawn a rooster.

I loved this challenge. It was hard to think of what I wanted but once I focused, it started flowing. I'm a little late because the actual Chinese New Year already happened and it's a little less than three hours until Friday is over, but I made it!

It felt strange not having something to post by Thursday. This was a tough and packed week. Plus, I've mentioned before that I don't like looking at other work until I've finished mine so that meant I didn't get to surf any of my illustration sites today in fear I'd see a rooster ahead of time. Now I'm done and I can peek all I want!

Comments and critiques welcome as always. I want to improve.