**EDIT -

I've given up on studying. I think I have the info down so I'm done, back to journaling.

Guess what was at Borders finally? Digital Creative Arts Issue FIFTEEN! It even has brushes from the oh so talented DUBTASTIC !! I bought that AND the Digital Creative Arts Special Edition on Illustration. I didn't even know that was coming out so yes, today has been a good day.

Even though I wanted something hot and greasy to eat today (McDonalds), I did not succumb to temptation. I did not buckle under pressure. Woo hoo! I've been eating well and I'm going to keep it up. Being on the go makes it much too convenient to just buy a little something from the vending machine. But then I remember how crappy I felt when I ate too much of the crap. Today I've eaten raw asparagus (not as bad as I thought it would be), an orange, baby carrots, carrot/apple juice, a bowl of Special K, celery, and fish tacos. Told ya I was doing good. Tomorrow will be a challenge since I forgot to take my chicken breasts out of the freezer so they could thaw.

I must find time to illustrate. With church, family, friends, work, school, errands, and responsibilities, I haven't had much time to just sit. This is good because I'm getting so much done and managing my time. It's bad because the only time I am still is when I'm asleep and even then I'm dreaming about creating and doing.

Another chiropractor visit today and the last time I was in, she said she saw a 50 percent improvement. I feel better and I can feel my body getting stronger as well. I have some curving in my spine so the visits have been helping me to straighten out. Now I just need extra sleep plus working out at least three times a week and I'll feel even better.

Tax time is closer by the minute and I'm excited to see my return. If it's great, I will be traveling this year. I'm starting to feel like the fish in the header, as if my world is shrinking little by little. I need to get out and get that feeling of being small in a world that is much bigger than Colorado. It's thrilling to know there's so much more to explore, see, and experience. I have friends in D.C., Hawaii, and New York so those would be the best picks for now.




Yesterday we had a test so I didn't take my Einstein to campus. Instead I could carry my Rebel and I shot away. I'm still getting a handle on all of the manual settings and it's freaking me out. For now I love the automatic settings. The next accessories I have my eye on are a telephoto lens and a wide angle lens.

As I write this, I'm logged into a computer in the computer lab and erasing junk mail from my webspace. I wish there was a way to delete that email address. I'll contact tech support later.


I'm having a hard time focusing. It's an hour and seven minutes until my Beginning Editing quiz. Must study!

Lots to talk about. Zero comments though so I don't think anyone's out there.

Be back soon...