So Small

Well, it turns out my teacher was in a car accident. That's why she didn't show in class on Wednesday. Yea, felt about this small. Teeny. Can't even see me. So our quiz is postponed until Monday and that lets me focus on my test tomorrow. I haven't even read the chapters or the notes. Cutting it close and living on the edge. Yup, that's me. I was watching the Superbowl while being a slacker so no studying got done. I don't follow football and I was just waiting to be entertained by the commercials. The commercials sucked this year. Nothing stood out to me at all. Bleh. What happened to the Budweiser Frogs? The Kleidsdale football games? *sigh*

Not only that but I found out that an email I sent to all of the people who signed my guestbook at SNOW had the wrong information in it. I said the next event was being held at the wrong date and time. So I had to write them back and let them know I'm a goofball. Sorry guys.

This weekend I tried new things. I ordered a Chantico from Starbucks. Much too rich for me and that is rare my friends. I have a big sweet tooth. I dove into my Tyler Florence cookbook and made a salmon recipe. Turned out great! I loved the salmon and asparagus (never made asparagus before) and that was fine just by itself. No need for the herbs that were added for drizzling and the onion marmalade garnish. Since I've been going back to my chiropractor and exercising, I've been making better food choices too. Grocery shopping was done this weekend and my shopping cart was full of rice cakes, lemons, oranges, herbs, salmon, milk, oj, etc. Healthier choices than what usually ends up in my basket like Pilsbury Chocolate Chip Cookies, salad, Ben and Jerry's, and an apple.

My neighbors below me were okay for awhile but they were at it again last night from 2 a.m. - 4 a.m. I get up for work at 4:45ish a.m. and I was and still am kind of grumpy. New townhomes are being built all around me and I'm starting to get a house shopping itch. It was stressful and gratifying at the same time when I bought my condo three years ago and it may be time to move on. I'll think about it and pray on it. Whatever is meant to be will be.

Back to studying. Ciao!