Mega Question!

Okay, I have looked high and low and I can't find the answer so here goes. All of you smarty pants Mac users or you smarty pants Windows users that knows a thing or two about Macs, this question is for you.

How do you save a webpage and view it in Dreamweaver on a Mac? I would usually just go to File>Save As> and save the page to my desktop. All of the pictures and such would be on my desktop for that particular page. Then I could open it in Dreamweaver and voila! Success!

I just want to do what I've always done and pick apart sites I love so I can learn how to do what they do. No copycat action here, just learning.

So if you know how, please let me know. I would be so thankful.


A reason to be upset - MSN launching their wonderful new LOOK and making me see Bill Gates' mug everytime I open a new window. Must change my homepage for a day. :(