Puddles Puddles

I'm skipping everywhere. Jumping non-stop, hopefully not getting splashed along the way. We were dumped with snow this morning and it wasn't pretty. Now it's the calm after the storm and it's beautiful. Just have to watch where you walk or your pants and shoes will be soaked.

Even though my weekend started earlier, it flew by much too quickly. I went to Pappadeaux and hung out again on Thursday. I still can't stop thinking about their Prailine Cheesecake. Very good. Then there was lounging around on Friday. Eventually got ready to go hang out with Brandi and Brett for some dancing. The apple martinis were awesome. (I had two.)


Mmm, see those? I just busted a Trisha by posting delicious treats on here. Instead of cake, Tyrese chose to have cupcakes at his party. Ty-Ty turned four and he is a cutie pie.


I'm a big kid and I want to get one of his gifts for myself. This awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle monster truck. You can barely see it but it's cool!

I don't remember which day it was but I submitted one of my items to Fred Flare. Right now they are calling out to all crafters for submissions. So if you're crafty, hit them up!


I keep forgetting to post about two links I added to my list. One is a great illustrator named Amanda Woodward and the other is a great-at-a-lot person I use as a resource named Veerle. I found Amanda through Illustration Friday and I found Veerle through "the Dooce". So I'm happy and if you visit them I'm sure you'll be happy too.