Kevyn Aucoin

Guess what I did all by myself? My own eyebrows. After going to my girl Sarah for her excellent eyebrow arching for over seven years (wow), I think I can stop going for awhile. While flipping through beauty books before going to dinner last night, I came across A Beautiful Life. This book is about Kevyn Aucoin, a phenomenal and famous make-up artist. He passed away in 2002 and I always read his tips and tricks and followed his work. One of his tricks is for eyebrow arching and it's posted here ��. So I bought a white eyeliner and did it. I think I did a pretty good job. No looking stunned, suprised, or pissed all the time.

Getting more acquainted with the camera. Here are a few pictures I took while waiting for my dinner date at Pappadeaux last night.




I took the day off from work today so my weekend has started early. I will shake my bootay tonight with friends late (11 p.m.!), go to my favorite little guy's birthday party (he turns four), and take more pictures. Should be fun, have a great weekend!