Designs by Rachel Beth Watercolors - Happy birthday - First Impression/Swatches

Another gorgeous set of watercolors by Designs by Rachel Beth on Etsy!  All of her palettes are handmade and packaged with care.  She gives a little sample from another set in every order.  The soft pastels in this Happy Birthday palette remind me of cotton candy and the shimmer of Copper Candles is just icing on the cake.   I painted the mermaid in the video thumbnail with these colors and they are just the dreamiest.  I cannot wait to paint full pieces with this palette.

I have two tips when working with her palettes or any small tin palettes.  The first tip is to have a mixing palette on hand.  This is the one I use.  A white plate or plastic one is fine, I just needed room to mix my paints.  These beautiful tins have all of the space occupied by the swatch paper and the paints (which I don't mind at all, so convenient).  So when I was working with them I completely forgot that I need room to mix and once I had that room, painting was an even better experience.  My second tip is to get a holder of some sort because if you are like me, you will quickly have a collection of little tins.  I have a Glossier pink bubble wrap zip bag that they package their products in, so it works perfectly. 

My obsession is rapidly growing, loving my collection. 

Let me know if you have tried her paints or any other handmade paints. :)

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Love a good swatch video? I have more over here!

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