Designs by Rachel Beth Watercolors - Northwest Adventures - First Impression/Swatches

This watercolor set by Designs by Rachel Beth on Etsy is another winner.  I am a sucker for a good warm yellow and this is basically a set of primaries (red, yellow, blue, etc) with a little extra punch and richness.   If you are starting out, this is one of the first sets I would recommend because of the color mixing possibilities.  I think I'll make a color-wheel out of these paints, if you are interested in a video/post about that, let me know down below.

Her palettes are handmade and packaged with care.  I can see so many project possibilities from this palette.  

I have two tips for you when working with her palettes or any small tin palettes.  The first tip is to have a mixing palette on hand.  This is the one I use.  A white plate or plastic one is fine, I just needed room to mix my paints.  These beautiful tins have all of the space occupied by the swatch paper and the paints (which I don't mind at all, so convenient).  So when I was working with them I completely forgot that I need room to mix and once I had that room, painting was an even better experience.  My second tip is to get a holder of some sort because if you are like me, you will quickly have a collection of little tins.  I have a Glossier pink bubble wrap zip bag that they package their products in, so it works perfectly. 

Let me know if you have tried her paints or any other handmade paints. :)

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