Interested in learning how to paint like this? I have a course just for you called Color Mixing for Beginners: A Guide to Color Theory! We will go over how to lay down color on paper with different washes, color theory (how colors work together and make your work POP!) and there are two mermaid projects included too. It’s super fun and you can start painting right now. Sign up today.

Here is one of the videos from the course (2 minutes long), just use the password “paint” to check it out.

I post videos on my YouTube channel, fluximagery, every month. I am either having a candid talk, making swatches with a new watercolor palette, showing my supplies or all of the above and more. I love to share and I love the creative community. So much talent and passion out in the world, it’s beautiful.

My favorite watercolor paper

My favorite tripod

My favorite art supplies