Peek A Boo

I've been hiding. I'm constantly sleepy and everything looks fuzzy around the edges like a dream sequence in a movie. Part of me is completely ready for this semester to be over and the other part of me thinks it just started creativity-wise. Every week I'm exhausted but proud of the work I'm turning in. Now that I'm getting closer to getting my degree, these final classes are important to me. I don't want to make projects just to fulfill the requirements for the course, I want every project to actually mean something to me. I got a B on my painting project. Lowest grade on my projects so far in that class. So with this latest social comment piece (I forgot to bring my camera in from the car) I worked my butt off. It's made with colored pencil and ink. The best thing about that project was that I got to learn how to ink and it's not as bad as I thought it would be. After advising from Kazu and others, I went and bought supplies. I bought some Sumi Ink, a Hunt No. 102 nib, a holder, and bristol board. I was set! Keri, I couldn't find the Dr. Marten's ink or a brush.

I'll post pictures when I get my assignment back.