Okay, here are more words to go with the previous entry. This weekend was the BOMB.

Friday was so beautiful, sunny, and hot. I think my left arm is darker than my right from driving on that one day alone. Man, I love that weather! So I swung by my parents', went to Christian's, went to eat, and met Saebom at the Student Art Exhibit downtown. It was the last day and we really wanted to check it out. So we went and everything was just awesome. Those students took the term, "outside the box", to the fullest extreme and I loved every moment of it. Later we had sushi and Christian and I had sake for the first time. I ordered hot sake and he ordered cold sake. He was buzzing hard after that so we walked around downtown and hung out at Barnes and Noble. I was a pansie and could barely even drink my whole thimble cup full.

Saturday was my little day of beauty. I slept in (thank God!) and went to get my brows done. Now seriously, when I say I'm blessed I am. My eyebrow chica is sooo cool and talkative. I've been going to the same woman for years now and she's great. After the normal chit chat about what's been going on and changed in the five weeks we've been apart, I told her about my letterform assignment. Now why was she taking time out of her day helping me find letterforms?!? And we found L, M, K, and G in there. She's so sweet and I consider moments like that blessings. They make your whole day brighter. So I left there, went on a date downtown at the Cheesecake Factory and ate outside. Topped it off with a giant fudge sundae! I'm convinced I have the biggest sweet tooth known to man. I'm pretty sure I'm right ;) Then, while walking downtown we went into a cell phone store and there was a customer completely cussing out the workers. The funniest part was when she stormed out and came BACK five minutes later because she left her purse. How embarassing is that?! After that I rushed to my hair appointment. Fun fun day of beauty and even more.

Sunday - went to church, saw Kill Bill 2 (so friggin good!), and went on another date (same person). I can't explain why I love this two parter so much because when I start to explain it, I shouldn't like it. Violence, cussing, blah, blah, blah. I guess Quentin Tarantino has just cast the same spell he did when Pulp Fiction came out. I love that too and I own it.

This entire weekend I didn't work on my projects AT ALL. I feel like such a procastiantor and I'm starting to get worried because I haven't waited down to the wire on any of my projects.

I'm so drained and this spring fever is getting to me.

P.S. - An entry isn't complete without at least a couple of links.

Jenn Rodriguez - Not only is her art different, she's selling stuff too.

Minix - Makes me want to tear Painter 7 apart. Some illustrations done in Photoshop. How does she do it?