Sometimes when I have a lot to do and I feel like everything is piling up to the point where it's about to bury me alive, I draw a calendar. I plot everything out and try to see how much I can focus on something on one day versus focusing on something else on another. These next two weeks are CRUNCH TIME and I'm frenzied and scared. A spirit of fear isn't from God and I don't like feeling this way. Overwhelmed, stressed, and freaked out. For some reason scribbling a calendar in pencil on a scrap of paper lets me breathe just a little easier. Maybe it's the illusion of organization. Maybe it's not an illusion at all.

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this makes me uneasy too. via Dave.

Think it's true and accurate?

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remember this? via Bolt City. totally radical dude. makes me want to be a kid at that age again. i'm still a kid.

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I can't seem to stay away, it's just one of those beautiful days. Birthday color thingie via UGC. I have been loving this color (august 9th) for a LONG time. I don't agree with the "warding off negative energy" part though.