Chef E.

fall gradient I'm not sure what is going on, must be something in the air, I am cooking a ton.  I think I got burnt out on eating out and there you have it, cooking all the time.  With no accompaniment of baking right along with it.  My sweet tooth is still strong but sweets aren't as tempting when I am working my butt off in the gym.

These twice-baked potatoes were tasty and quick.  Made this Mushroom Poached Chicken with Fingerling Potatoes and Carrots.  Flavorful and fast as well.

I did need a small break this weekend so on our date night we went to Hapa Sushi and then Gelazzi for dessert.  Jo had told me about gelatinis and I had never heard of them before.  A gelatini is a drink that is a combo of martini and gelato.  Then I saw the drink on Food Network and they were featuring Gelazzi and it is here!  We had to go. The gelato was great.  Shared a triple chocolate gelatini, dulce de leche and cookies n' cream.

Time to flip through the new J.Crew catalog, goodnight!