Bono baby!

purple veins In 30 days I'll be in Phoenix watching U2 in concert.  I am so excited to see them perform live.  I haven't been to many concerts, can probably count about five of them.  Let's see.  Janet Jackson was my first.  I saw a small performance by Usher and Aaliyah at a school or something like that.  They were probably both around 15 years old.  Then there was Ginuwine, another small venue.  Watched Norah Jones at Red Rocks.  My friend had extra tickets a few years ago so I was able to see Coldplay.  This summer my girls and I saw No Doubt and Paramore opened.  Oh yea and squeeze a couple of Summer Jam concerts in there too.  Looks like I've seen a little over five.

Next month, U2!! One to check off on my bucket list.